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First Place Competition Kettlebells Reviewed

If your looking for the best kettlebell available, one that will enable you to get the best workout and withstand whatever you put it through, First Place Competition Kettlebells are for you. They are in fact, designed just like the ‘bells used in kettlebell competitions. Continue reading this review to learn how they can benefit […]

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Our Review Of The KOR Kettleball

The KOR Kettleball is designed to be used just like a steel kettlebell. This means you can use it to do presses, swings, and hundreds of other exercises. While they’re used in the same way as a kettlebell, they do differ in a few ways. These differences, I feel, can make them a better choice […]

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Our Review Of The Stick

The Stick is a tool that enables you to give your muscles a massage whenever you like. It’s a simple tool, basically a stick shaped wand that has a flexible core surrounded by rolling spindles. The Stick’s ability to bend, flex, and roll is what gives it the ability to give any muscle on your […]

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